The Board of Directors

Consolidated Water is governed by a five member Board of Directors each of who are elected to represent one of five Subdistricts.  Directors serve for a three year term and are elected by registered voters of their designated Subdistrict.  With a combined tenure of 65 plus years, the current board has a thorough knowledge of the business of providing quality, affordable water to District patrons. 

Jerome Glascock, President
Subdistrict IV 

Jerome Glascock is a second generation board member and has served consecutive terms totaling more than 20 years.  He currently serves as Board President and represents Subdistrict IV.  Jerome’s current term ends April, 2020.     

Jimmy Lloyd Sapp, Vice President
Subdistrict V 

Jimmy Lloyd Sapp is a second generation board member and has served more than 26 years through concurrent terms.  He currently serves as Vice President and represents Subdistrict V.  Jimmy Lloyd’s current term ends April, 2020.    

Gary Phillippe, Director
Subdistrict II 

Gary Phillippe joined the Consolidated Water Board of Directors in 2000 and has served consecutive terms totaling more than 13 years.  Gary represents Subdistrict II.  Gary’s current term ends April, 2019.   

John Spry, Director
Subdistrict I 

John Spry joined the board in 2007 and has since served consecutive terms totaling eight plus years.  John represents Subdistrict I.  John’s current term ends April, 2018.   

James Kyd, Director
Subdistrict III 

James Kyd joined the board in 2016 and will complete the term of past Subdistrict III Director, Ronald Harmon. James represents Subdistrict III. James’ current term ends April, 2019.