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Notice of Meeting




Public Notice is hereby given that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of Consolidated Public Water Supply District No. 1, Boone County, Missouri will be held virtually at 1500 N. 7th. Street, Columbia, Missouri, on Thursday, March 11, 2021, at 8:00 AM to consider and act upon the matters on the following tentative agenda and such other matters as may be presented at the meeting and determined to be appropriate at that time:


  • Minutes of previous regular meeting
  • Visitors
  • Financial Reports & Monthly Bills
  • Pay Estimate
  • Engineer
    • Project Updates
  • Highway VV Tower Lot Fencing Bid Award
  • Meter Location Variance Request – Matthew Gilmore – 7071 E. Gilmore Ln.
  • Route K/Sinclair Road Roundabout Project Upgrade
  • Waterline Easement Abandonment Language
  • Annual Adoption of Identity Theft Protection Program
  • Control & Electrical Upgrades – Bethel, Harmon, Koch & Sapp Wells
  • Staff Report
  • Manager’s Report
  • Board Discussion Items   
  • Other Business  


The meeting will be open to the Public via telephone link to the virtual meeting.  You may access this meeting by contacting the Clerk of the Board of Directors at (573) 449-0324 during regular business hours 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Closed Session -- The Water District may go into closed session at any point during this meeting if such action is approved by a majority vote of the board members who constitute a quorum, to discuss legal, confidential or privileged matters pursuant to section 610.021(1), RSMo; leasing, purchase or sale of real estate pursuant to section 610.021(2), RSMo; personnel actions pursuant to section 610.021(3), RSMo; personnel records or applications pursuant to section 610.021(13), RSMo; records which are protected from disclosure by law pursuant to section 610.021(14), RSMo; security systems or structural plans pursuant to section 610.021(18) or (19); or other specific reasons identified pursuant to sections 610.021 and 610.022, RSMo and announced in open session. 


Dated this 10th day of March 2021         Posted 03-10-2021, 8:00 AM


Janet Sears

Janet Sears

Clerk of the Board of Directors

Consolidated PWSD #1, Boone County